D'Andre Marvell Armstead Sr.

Pastor D’Andre Marvell Armstead Sr.  is “The Man of God” who lives by the word of God, his faith in Jesus Christ, and prayer.

Pastor Armstead was licensed to preach the gospel on January 2, 1986 and he was ordained as an associate minister on June 9, 1991, at New Bride Baptist Church. He has been preaching, teaching, and serving in ministry for over 25 years.

Pastor Armstead is blessed with a wonderful family, his anointed wife Elect Lady Akowa Armstead, three sons D’Von and D’Andre Jr. and Kareem one daughter Tamilia. Pastor Armstead teaches and demonstrates the importance of family values, hence establishing Perfecting Triumphant Overcomer's Church as a family centered ministry.      

Pastor Armstead was the Associate Pastor and Praise and Worship Leader of the Community Christian Fellowship Church (CCF), where he studied systematic theology, church administration, and pastoral counseling in the CCF Ministry Training Institute. He also pastored City View Missionary Baptist Church for six years.

After receiving confirmation from the Lord, Pastor Armstead, who was known as Deputy Armstead, resigned from the Wayne County Sheriff Department in the Fall of 2003, where he had served for ten years.

In November 2006, after much fasting and praying, God led Pastor Armstead to his spiritual father, Bishop-Elect Marvin L. Winans Sr. of Perfecting Church. On July 15, 2007 at the behest of the Lord, Pastor Armstead transitioned again into a greater dimension of labor and servanthood, founding Perfecting Triumphant Overcomer's Church to continue God’s divine Will to reach souls. God has anointed Pastor Armstead with an awesome gift to minister an animated, supernatural word and prophetic gift that is postured to touch nations. His anointing does not end with pastoring. His gifts have taken him to international markets and his ministry has crossed several countries and continents including Canada and England. In October of 2008, Pastor Armstead was one of a few pastors chosen to minister in Rwanda Africa where his life and ministry was changed forever. 

He has established under his tutelage six  Elders and twenty-three anointed ministers. He is still compiling new chapters and ideas for his book, “Ascending To The Throne”.

Pastor Armstead is an anointed psalmist and has finished two CD’s, the first entitled, “As It Is In Heaven”, which features the song, “Lord I Love You”. "Lord I Love You" is a song the Lord gave to him during our morning worship. The second CD is entitled,  

“Songs For Healing.” On August 26, 2006, Pastor Armstead performed his first concert with the same title as his first CD.  

Once again, God showed us favor and on Sunday, February 19, 2012 at 8:00 am, PTC began its live broadcast on PRAISE 102.7 FM!

Pastor Armstead’s continuous desire is to feed his sheep the unadulterated Word of God. His commitment and mission is to go into the community and win souls to the Kingdom of God, by conquering the land around Perfecting Triumphant Overcomer's and beyond!


Elect Lady

Akowa L. Armstead

Elect Lady Akowa L. Armstead was born into a legacy of ministry on both sides of her family.  A long line of pastors, ministers, prophets, and musicians have imparted and passed on their gifts to her coupled with God’s desired ministries He would directly ordain.  For that reason, building the Kingdom of God has always been a vital part of her existence.

Elect Lady Armstead was the first born of Charles Willis and Glenda Cauthen and the first grandchild of the Willis clan.  She accepted Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior and was baptized into the faith at the tender age of 5 showing early her boldness to seek God and make a public declaration of her love toward Him.  As the years progressed Elect Lady reached another milestone in her spiritual journey by receiving the Baptism of the Holy Spirit at age 16.  The immediate result was an inner urgency to heed God’s call to  preach the gospel to anyone who would listen.  Reports are still pouring in 25 years later of the impact Elect Lady Armstead and her friends made on their peers during high school.  Just before graduating from Cass Tech, Elect Lady was licensed into ministry at 17 years old.  God has continued to move and use her for His glory in various areas of ministry, including intercession, teaching, preaching, and outreach.  In 2002, Elect Lady Armstead welcomed her son Kareem J. Ford into the world.  They relocated to Maryland in 2010 expanding her ministry vocations to include Director of Worship and Arts and Pastor of Worship at churches in that area. 

In 2015, Elect Lady Armstead met the love of her life, Pastor D’Andre Armstead.  Their union in 2016 launched the onset of ministry as they have never before experienced. Together they have embarked upon combining their gifts, talents, and ministries to win the lost, heal the sick, demonstrate the beauty of covenant marriage, and forge unified fellowship within the Body of Christ.  Elect Lady proudly stands by her husband’s side in ministry and in life to help in any way that he needs.  This is the Lord’s doing and it is marvelous in our eyes.


Regenia Rock

Elder Regenia Rock began her missionary journey as a member of Second Canaan Missionary Baptist, under the leadership of Pastor David L. Kelly.  From 1970 until 1980, she served faithfully as a choir member of the Mighty Voices of Canaan, under the direction of Michael Fletcher.  It would be at Second Canaan that Sister Rock would begin her ministry service to the Lord. She joined the missionary department with such ministries as house to house, hospital, and senior living. Regenia expanded her servitude and became a Sunday School Teacher, also offering her wisdom to children during vacation bible school.

With great skill and knowledge Regenia later served in such capacities as Outreach, Evangelism, Choir, Deliverance, Sunday School, Women, and Children’s ministry. Over the course of her ministry, Regenia Rock completed various ministry trainings such as; The School of the Prophets under Pastor Lee Williams, Evangelism, Understanding God and His Cover with Minister Reginald Glenn, and Administering the Holy Sacraments with Pastor P.L. Pearson. It is under the leadership of her current Pastor, D’Andre Marvell Armstead Sr., that Regenia Rock would be graced to become a Senior Elder at Perfecting Triumphant Overcomers Church.


De'Angelo Smith

Elder De’Angelo Smith has served in Perfecting Triumphant Overcomers Church in many capacities to include but not limited to; Ambassador, Greeter and  Male Chorus since 2002. Additionally, he has served as the lead Armor-bearer to Pastor Armstead for the past 10 years. In December 2015, Elder Smith was licensed and ordained; after serving diligently to the ministry.

Elder Smith is married to his childhood sweetheart of 10 years, Sister Tyahvia Smith. As he continues to flourish in the Word of God, he instills in his family the value of hard work and that patience and trusting God has benefits. Through the years, God has shown Elder Smith that his prayer life can break chains and has allowed many doors to open because of his faithfulness to his people. Elder Smith is a servant at heart and loves to serve God through serving his people.

Worship Leader

Tyahvia Smith

Sister Tyahvia Smith is married to Elder De’Angelo Smith and they have 2 beautiful daughters and a handsome son. Since the age of 17, Sister Tyahvia has been under the tutelage of Pastor D’Andre Armstead. After graduating from Michigan State University in 2005, Sister Tyahvia began to swiftly work in the ministry. Tyahvia started working in the Finance Department and has been serving in that capacity for the past 10 years. Additionally, SIster Tyahvia joined the Choir and soon became one of the directors.

God promoted Sister Tyahvia by way of Pastor Armstead to the Praise and Worship leader. She has been serving in this capacity for the past 5 years. Through her obedience, willingness, and faithfulness to God, He has allowed her to walk in favor she that is unexplainable. She manages family and seeks God face like it is second nature causing her to be very balanced in her walk with Christ. Sister Tyahvia continues to give God her COMPLETE YES and in turn she know that GOD will bless the works of her hands.


Sharon Armstead

Sharon Denise Armstead is a lifelong Detroit resident, Annointed Psalmist, Minister of the Gospel, Praise Team, Sunday School Teacher and Faithful Member of Perfecting Triumphant Overcomers Church. 

Sharon accepted Christ at the age of seven; it was then that the Lord begin to reveal to her the gifts and purpose that He placed within her. At the age of eight her passion and gifting in music and song began to manifest. Since the age of eight she has sang with many choirs and gospel artist.

Sharon's personal testimony speaks to how her sincere and complete yes to God literally changed her life for the better. This testimony has become an effective and Powerful tool to encourage, inspire, and minister to others daily. 

Sharon is sensitive and passionate regarding her service unto God and looks forward to doing great things in the Kingdom of God. 


Regina Mack

Min. Regina Mack has been with Perfecting Triumphant Overcomers Church for over 15 years. She has worked through the Ministry as a Choir member, a Greeter, and an Usher(or as we call it an Ambassador). She became an Ordained Minister in 2015 and is currently operating in that Ministry as well as on the Praise Team and serving as a Teacher for the New Members classes.

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