De'Angelo Smith

Elder De’Angelo Smith has served in Perfecting Triumphant Overcomers Church in many capacities to include but not limited to; Ambassador, Greeter and  Male Chorus since 2002. Additionally, he has served as the lead Armor-bearer to Pastor Armstead for the past 10 years. In December 2015, Elder Smith was licensed and ordained; after serving diligently to the ministry.

Elder Smith is married to his childhood sweetheart of 10 years, Sister Tyahvia Smith. As he continues to flourish in the Word of God, he instills in his family the value of hard work and that patience and trusting God has benefits. Through the years, God has shown Elder Smith that his prayer life can break chains and has allowed many doors to open because of his faithfulness to his people. Elder Smith is a servant at heart and loves to serve God through serving his people.

  September 2020  
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